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November 2 , 2018! Welcome Prof. Ing. Jonathan C. Borg to deliver the plenary speech in ICII2019 conference. (Click)

October 25, 2018! ICII 2019 last submission round begins, to December 10, 2018. Welcome to submit your paper.

September 25, 2018! ICII 2019 submission deadline extends to October 25, 2018.

August 10, 2018! Call for Papers Leaflet is available here.

June 1, 2018! Welcome Dr. Mardé Helbig from University of Pretoria, South Africa to join as one of the publicity chairs, and deliver plenary speech in ICII2019. (Click)

May 24, 2018! Welcome Prof Moses J Strydom from Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of South Africa to deliver keynote speech in ICII2019. (Click)

May 18, 2018! Welcome Prof. Dr. Paul Mativenga and Assoc. Prof. Gianluca Percoco to deliver plenary speeches in ICII 2019. (Click)

May 18,2018! Welcome Prof. Esther Akinlabi and Prof. Tien-Chien Jen to serve as Publicity Chairs for ICII 2019. (Click)

May 17, 2018! Thanks Prof. Raid Al-Aomar, Prof. Khaled Abou-El-Hossein, and Prof. Ramesh Kuppuswamy's continued support. Welcome them to deliver keynote speeches in ICII 2019 once again. (May 8, 2018 ! ICII 2019 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa during February 15-17, 2019 again. Welcome to submit your paper.